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Stand By 2 first aid kit with 70 items. Includes (1) Water resistant nylon case, (1) folding scissors, (1) 3" tweezers, (1) first aid card, (20) adhesive bandages, (10) adhesive junior bandages, (2) fingertip bandages, (2) knuckle bandages, (6) alcohol swabs, (10) antiseptic swabs, (30 after bite swabs, (2) iodine prep pads, (4) 2" x 2" sterile gauze pads, (1) 5" x 9" sterile trauma dressing, (1) 2"x5yd. gauze roll, (1) triangular bandage, (2) safety pins, (1) 0.5"x2.5yrd roll of tape, Contents are FDA approved. This kit comes with the complete Standard First Aid video course for pc and handheld devices with client's logo. Please use password "shell" to demo at Redivideos. Finished size: 5 3/4"L x 2 1/4"W x 5"H.
$11.00 and up
Protect™ first aid kit. Available in 14 colors! Contemporary case holds 3 antibacterial gel packets, 4 latex-free bandages, 4 Swabplus® antiseptic swabs, 2 snip bandages, 2" x 3" adhesive pad and instructions. To use Swabplus® - hold ringed tip up, gently bend tip until it snaps. Dimensions: 3 1/8" H x 4 5/16" W x 13/16" D. Made in the USA.
$2.02 and up
Introducing the Primary Care™first aid kit. At home, at the office, or on the go, everything you need for cuts and scrapes is in this ultra-trim case. Fits easily into a purse or bag. Includes 4 Swabplus®antiseptic swabs, 4 latex-free bandages and instructions. To use the antiseptic swabs, simply hold with the ringed tip up and gently bend tip until it "snaps" to release antiseptic/anesthetic. Available in 14 colors. Made in the USA.
$1.45 and up
Be prepared for anything anywhere. This Pro Care First Aid Kit™ deluxe case includes 15 latex free bandages, 5 snip bandages, 2 2" x 3" adhesive pads, 2 knuckle bandages, 3 antiseptic towelettes, 3 first aid cream packets, 2 non-adherent sterile pads, 1 gauze roll, 1 roll of adhesive tape and 1 first aid guide. No matter what happens, you'll be prepared with this ultimate first aid kit. Ideal for use at clinics and first aid seminars. to 4 assorted colors available at no additional charge.
$4.49 and up
Links First Aid kit. Available in 7 colors! Colorful, translucent vinyl pouch with clip includes 4 latex-free bandages, 2 antiseptic towelettes, 2 SPF 30 sunscreen packets, 2 Grip-it™ lotion packets, 1 first aid cream packet, three 2 1/8" tees, 1 ball marker and 1 Eagle Divot Repair™. Easily attaches to golf bag, backpack or purse. Dimensions: 3 3/8" H x 4 3/4" W x 1/4" D.Up to 4 assorted colors available at no additional charge.
$3.32 and up
Keep something on hand that's perfect for safety and preparedness with this compact first aid pouch. This promotional pouch is featured in a convenient travel size and comes complete with five latex-free bandages and four alcohol prep pads. A convenient travel size makes it easy to pack up on the go or to store around the house or at the office. Choose your translucent pouch color and add your custom imprint to complete the promotional look!
$0.79 and up
Make safety a priority at your next business event with the safe care™ first aid kit! This kit has a unique safety cross design on the water-resistant case which includes 6 latex-free bandages, two 2" x 3" adhesive pads, knuckle bandage, two first aid cream packets, two antiseptic towelettes, antacid packet, 200 mg Ibuprofen packet, and a gauze roll. Featuring a convenient push in and turn opening the contents will stay safe when handing it out at hospitals, doctor offices, or physical therapy. With multiple colors available, your custom imprint will stand out at your next large event!
$2.85 and up
The summer season is right around the corner, so be prepared with the Mini Sling Sun Care Kit! This 4 3/4" H x 4" W x 1/2" D mini sling bag is filled with essential sun care items. Contents include 4 latex-free bandages, 3 sunscreen packets, 2 antiseptic towelettes and 1 Blistex® packet. It is easy to carry and simple to access. Perfect to keep at hand for a fun day in the sun. Don't forget to imprint a message or logo for exposure.
$2.69 and up
In the event of a natural disaster or major emergency, you want to have everything you need ready to go. This disaster kit includes survival gear for up to two days, with water, food, a ten, light sources, blankets, emergency guides, toiletries, raingear, masks, first-aid materials, a whistle and so much more. A must-have product to store in the trunk of your car or in the basement of your home, it can be customized with an imprint of your company logo and message. Associate your brand with safety today.
$51.00 and up
You can "cure" your marketing campaign when you invest in the Executive First Aid Kit! Our unique soft shell case measures 3" H x 4 3/4" W x 1 3/8" D and contains 5 latex-free bandages, 2 - 2" x 3" adhesive pads, knuckle bandage and 2 antiseptic towelettes. Product also features 2 first aid cream packets, 2 hand sanitizer packets, antacid packet and 200mg ibuprofen packet. This is the perfect size for a purse or glove compartment. Up to 3 assorted colors available at no additional charge.
$4.69 and up
Add something essential to your corporate safety campaigns with the custom look of this small first aid box. This health and safety staple features an assortment of latex free bandages, bandage fasteners, ear swabs, rolls of cotton, a roll of tape, scissors and an inside pocket to painkillers and other medication. Add your custom imprint and create the ideal addition to any safety campaign, home preparedness collection and more!
$2.45 and up
If you want to protect your clients from the unpredictable elements, look no further than this best-selling survival/disaster kit! The contents of this kit could very well save your life if you are displaced from your home. It comes with a flashlight, emergency water (USCG approved), one emergency blanket, one whistle, one energy bar, one natural disaster guide, five premium bandages, two 3" x 3" gauze pads, two alcohol pads, two antiseptic swabs, two Wet Ones antibacterial wipes, three After Bite itch erasers and one first-aid quick card. It has even been approved by OSHA and the U.S. Coast Guard. Customize with an imprint of your brand logo and customers will be prepared for whatever live throws at them.
$17.00 and up
Stay safe with this 16-piece quick fix first aid kit. Set includes four alcohol prep pads, non woven sponge, five adhesive bandages, surgical tape, conforming bandage, triangular bandage, scissors and two safety pins, all packed inside of durable zippered EVA case. Meets FDA requirements.
$13.98 and up
Preparedness kit with 120 items. 1- Water resistant nylon case, 1- survival blanket 56" x 84" full size, 1- 30hr. survival candle, 2- boxes of matches, 1-LED hand squeeze flashlight, 3- light sticks, 1- roll of repair tape, 1- six function camper knife, 1- bandage scissors, 3- disposable bag/safety vest, 3- 2400 calorie food pkg. 18- packets of water, 4-hand warmers, 2- rain ponchos, 1- 6" x 10" instant ice pack, 2- dust masks, 1-triangle bandage, 2- pins,1- 4.5" S.S. forceps, 1- first aid booklet, 20-adhesive bandages, 2- knuckles, 2- fingertip bandages, 12- alcohol preps, 6- after bite swabs, 12- antiseptic swabs, 8- 3"x3" gauze pads, 2- 2" conform rolls, 1- 1" roll tape, 3- iodine pads, 1- CPR faceshield, 1- Logoed instructional videos for pc and phones. Size: 15 1/2"L x 11"W x 7 1/2"H.
$126.40 and up
Mini series II designer first aid kit with hook and loop fasteners in nylon case with 1 - 4" scissors, 1 - 3" tweezers, 1- first aid card, 20- plastic bandages, 6- alcohol swabs, 10- wet wipes, 10- antiseptic swabs, 3- afterbite swabs, 1- CPR mask (barrier), 4 - 2" x 2" sterile gauze pads, 2 - 4" x 4" sterile gauze pads, 1 - 2" x 5 yd. conform gauze roll, 1 - 5" x 9" sterile abdominal pad, 1- triangular bandage, 2- safety pins, 1 - 0.5" x 2.5 yd. roll of tape. Contents are FDA approved. This kit comes with the complete Standard First Aid video course for pc and hand held devices with client's logo on viewing page. Please use password "shell" to demo at Redivideos. Finished Size:
$17.15 and up
Survival, first aid and hygiene supplies sealed in plastic pail. Includes AM/FM radio w/batteries, flashlights w/batteries, mylar blankets, duct tape, first aid kit, can opener, light sticks, waterproof matches, disposable medical gloves, work gloves, dust masks, rain ponchos, water bag w/ spigot, drinking water packets, wet wipe towelettes, signaling whistles, basic hygiene kits, facial tissues, toilet tissue, multifunction knife, drop cloth, trash bags.
$124.75 and up
AB1-Regulation kit with 77 items. For work places of 1-10 employees. Kit includes (1) red nylon case, black accessory (1) folding scissors, (1) 3" tweezers, (1) first aid booklet, (25) adhesive bandages, (10) antiseptic swabs, (10) 4" x 4" sterile gauze pads, (2) 3" x 5 yd. conform gauze rolls, (2) 4" sterile pressure bandages, (2) 6" sterile pressure bandages, (1) 3" tensor bandage, (3) triangular bandages, (11) safety pins, (1) 1'x5yd roll adhesive tape, (4)pair of vinyl gloves, (1) bio hazard disposable bag, (1) CPR masks with one way valve,(1) instructional video card. Finished size: 9 1/2"L x 3" W x 5"H.
$41.20 and up
Companion Care First Aid Kit™. Available in 14 colors! Contemporary case holds 4 latex-free bandages, 2 snip bandages, 2" x 3" adhesive pad, 2 antiseptic towelettes, 3 first aid cream packets and 200 mg Ibuprofen packet. Dimensions: 3 1/8" H x 4 5/16" W x 13/16" D. Made in the USA. Up to 4 assorted colors available at no additional charge.
$2.02 and up
Take safety on the road and always be prepared with this first aid traveler kit. Includes 3 latex-free bandages, 2 snip bandages, 2" x 3" adhesive pad, 2 antiseptic towelettes, 1 antacid packet and 200 mg ibuprofen packet. Measures 2 7/8" x 4 1/2" x 1/2" and easily fits in pockets, purses, and other bags. Ideal for seminars, tradeshows, and first aid demonstrations. Customizable and available in 5 translucent and 2 solid colors. Made in the USA. Up to 4 assorted colors available at no additional charge.
$1.75 and up
This pocket first aid kit will ensure that you're ready in case of any emergency. Measuring 4 1/2"L x 3 3/4"W x 1 1/2"H, this red nylon bag with black zipper and first aid artwork contains six adhesive bandages, two alcohol prep pads, non-woven tape, two non-adherent pads and a conforming bandage. Treat injuries directly using the burn cooling gel or the USA manufactured antibiotic ointment. Not available for sale in Canada.
$2.70 and up
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